Multimedia Women and Digital Cultural Studies

Working with Dr Jane Lavery (University of Southampton) I have been studying the growing number of Spanish American women writers and artists who are working across different media and who are embracing the opportunities as well as the challenges of digital culture.

Our understanding of ‘multimedia’, which incorporates both intermedia and transmedia practices, is alert to the political significance of such strategies and so, for us and, it seems to us, for our Spanish American authors and artists, multimedia is a political choice.

The first output from this project was an article on the multimedia work of Guatemalan performance artist Regina Jose Galindo published in Bulletin of Latin American Research (2012). Our most recent work examines the work of Chilean Eli Neira.

I have a (forthcoming) article on the work of Pilar Acevedo entitled ‘Bearing Witness to Child Abuse and Trauma in Pilar Acevedo’s Multimedia ‘Fragmentos’ Exhibition’.

We are now working with a group of other academics to try to map the extent and significance of this trend for Spanish American women writers and artists to work across different media.