Multimedia Women

Working with Dr Jane Lavery (University of Southampton) I have been studying the growing number of Spanish American women writers and artists who are working across different media.

Our project explores the work of an emerging group of Spanish American Women writers and artists who no longer seem to feel bound by the traditional boundaries of genre, gender or nation. The work of this exciting generation of multimedia practitioners straddles, is between, or crosses over diverse genres and forms including, for example, the literary, the audio-visual, the artistic (including, but not exclusively, performance art, installation, photography, painting) and digital technologies. The transgressive thrust which defines their work has led these women to seek out new forms of expression which, we believe, requires new critical approaches.
Our first publication was about Guatemalan poet and performance artist Regina José Galindo:

We have a forthcoming article on the work of Eli Neira.

I have also  written about representations of child abuse in the multimedia work of Pilar Acevedo: ‘Bearing Witness to Child Abuse and Trauma in Pilar Acevedo’s Multimedia ‘Fragmentos’ Exhibition’, Bulletin of Spanish Studies Visual Studies, 2.1 (2018).

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We are now working with a group of other academics to try to map the extent and significance of this trend for Spanish American women writers and artists to work across different media.

As part of the 2018 Society for Latin American Studies conference we produced an exhibit showcasing the work of some of the authors and artists who are part of the project.

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