This website and blog aims to track the progress and development of my research. If it opens my work up to new audiences that’s a (big!) bonus but this is a space for putting thoughts into words. It is also the place where I hope to develop and record new lines of enquiry as they evolve. It is, if you like, a record of my adventures in research.

I am interested in the ways in which literature is produced, received and disseminated in society and the politics that lie behind these processes.

Even in a (relatively) short career, my research has taken many different directions. Below are some of my main areas of interest:

  • Latin American Cultural Studies
  • Twentieth-Century and contemporary Latin American Literature with an emphasis on Mexico
  • Mexican Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Literature and Culture of the Mexico-US borderlands
  • Canon formation
  • Prizes and cultural festivals
  • Reception studies
  • Sociology of literature
  • Literary and digital culture especially in the Hispanic World


The links on the right hand side provide more information about some of my current projects.